Sunday, August 23, 2009

Teaching your dog to potty outside

Dog potty training one of the more challenging aspects that you will have with your new puppy, but once you clear this hurdle in your puppies young life it will get much easier for you. I know that for me when I was training my dog this aspect it was fairly difficult for some period of time, but I did manage to successfully potty train my dog and I thought I would share a couple of tips that I found that helped out tremendously.
The first tip that I found that came in most handy was to take my dog out frequently. Now this might seem like it will get old and repetitive, but it does work really well and manages to get them used to the idea of going outside. Which is what you want to get in their head because once they realize that is where they are supposed to be going to do their business they will keep this up.
The second tip that came in handy for me was if I was not able to take them outside frequently to let them play for a few minutes and then put them in their crate. Not only that if they did not use the bathroom outside they would be put in their crate when we came back in to make sure that they wouldn't have an accident. Then about fifteen minutes to an hour at the most I would take them back outside to let them go potty which they would most often do so they could stay out of their crate for a longer period of time.
Getting your dog potty trained doesn't have to be difficult, but you will want to try the tips above. If you want to find even more great information click here
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